storage tips



We sell a host of moving and storage supplies:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Packing Blankets
  • Locks
  • Industrial Strength Storage Racks
  • Plastic Sheeting

For your convenience, you can also rent storage racks to make your storage unit even more cost-effective! These storage racks allow you to safely stack your goods, which means you can rent smaller, more affordable units. We will even assemble the racks for you!


Renter’s Insurance
For your benefit and protection, insurance for your stored items is required. Our facility cannot sell you insurance directly, and we do not insure personal property on your behalf.

A convenient and affordable way to get the insurance coverage you need is through the Deans and Homer Self Storage Insurance. To learn more, please visit:

Your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy may also provide the coverage you need, so check with your insurance agent.

You may also elect to self-insure your personal property. The Manager will walk through these insurance options upon your Move-In.


Move In Checklist:

1) Bring your Photo ID: Bring a valid government-issued photo ID (for example, your driver’s license, state ID or passport).

2) For your first visit, be sure to arrive during Office Hours so the Manager can assist you with the Rental Agreement and Site Orientation. The Manager can also show you multiple units to make sure the space suits your needs.

3) Complete the Rental Agreement paperwork. It is recommended that you visit our Office prior to your moving day to save time and stress! If you contact us ahead of time, we can even email you the Rental Agreement for you to fill out on your own computer, print, and bring it in. Or email it back to us and we’ll have it ready for you. The Agreement must be signed in person on your first visit to our Office.

4) Lock: You can bring your own padlock or buy a high quality lock from us.