Maximise your Unit

Storage Tips To Maximise Your Storage Unit

Are you planning to rent a Storage unit for things that you might need in the future but do not need now at home? If you are, then it is important to maximise every space that you have and rent the best one in the market. Do not waste the space in your storage unit. Be wise when storing your belongings, so you won’t have trouble looking for them when you need them. Here are more tips to get you started with your personal storage unit!


Select The Best One In Your Area

Do not make the mistake of renting the first self storage in glasgow that you see. Look for other storage providers and compare their prices as well as the associations that the facilities belong too. Remember that your things will be stored on their property and they should pass all the standards of doing this kind of business so clients like you won’t be worried about storing your stuff in their units.

Store Your Things Properly And Efficiently

Here are some tips to maximise the space that you have in your storage units so you won’t lose your mind looking for them as well!

• Jars

Glass jars are also ideal for storing small materials. It will not only make your space more organised but it will also make your space look classy. If you can, be more creative and design your glass jars with coloured papers or washi tapes. Making storages is not boring! Store your earrings or your rings in small glass jars and never lose a pair again!

glass storage jars

• Tissue Boxes

Remember when you need to bring something outside, and you need a plastic bag to carry them, but you can’t find one? Using a tissue box to hold your reusable plastic bags together is a convenient way of storing them, so you never forget where to get them! Plastic does not rot by itself so make it a habit of reusing plastic bags as much as possible to help save nature.

• Spice Containers

Another trick for creative people is to use spice containers where you can keep your beads, paper clips, or extra glitters that you weren’t able to use for your last project. You can find spice containers in kitchen supply stores. This way, you won’t have to deal with a messy desk full of rubber bands or paper clips, so you have a clean space to work on with your assignment.


spice containers


• Velcro Tapes

Some of the hardest things to organise are wires or cords. More often than not, you don’t pay attention to these wires as they dangle freely on your floor or your cabinet. However, if you don’t organise them properly, accidents might happen. Use Velcro tapes to tame these wires for only about £5 per roll!

Self-storage unit prices are not low, so you have to make the most out of the space you are getting. With these storage tips, you’ll be able to store more of your possessions and save money. It’s also important for you to remember not to think too much about the price but more about the quality and the reliability of the storage facility.

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